MI Political Leader Video Histories

After producing these oral history interviews for the MI Political History Society (MPHS) for many years, our friends Bev and Dave Lang of LTS Productions, referred the work to Future Media Corporation when they retired in 2012.  With their generosity and the leadership of the MPHS directors, we’ve since produced the High Def oral histories of: Dennis Archer, Paul Hillegonds, Conrad Mallet, Morley Winograd, Richard McLellan, Bob LaBrant, Dr. Joe Schwarz, Dennis Cawthorne, Douglas Roberts, Walt De Vries, George Scott Romney and Thomas Cleary.  All of the interviews are housed in the Gov. James J. Blanchard Living Library of Michigan Political History, hosted by the University of Michigan’s Bentley Library.

The interviews offer rare insider information into state politics and can be viewed online at no charge:  http://www.jjblivinglibrary.com/

Links to MPHS videos Future Media has produced: